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The meaning behind the name: Liana Faith

Sivan started this company with a completely different brand name. As she soon realized how much she loved her business, she wanted to change her name to have more meaning. The first thing that came to her mind was to make it something about her mom. Sivan and her mom are very close. Since Sivan and her mom have such a unique relationship, it was only suitable to make her brand reflect this. Liana is the middle name of Sivan, and Faith is the middle name of Sabra, Sivan's mother. When Sivan came up with this name for her brand, they both fell instantly in love with it. It ends with "Boutique" because Sabra and Sivan always dreamt of having a boutique together. Although this hasn't happened yet, Sivan still decided that it was worth a shot! Sabra is Sivan's biggest support and she couldn't have done this without her.

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